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Privacy policy

During the registration on the Website User provides the following information: name, surname, contact phone number, email address.

The Website Administration admits the importance of confidentiality of the personal data provided by the User. The Website Administration does not gather the personal data of users or any other personal information unless you agree to provide such an information through the Website.

By sending your personal data through the Website or transmitting personal data to the Website Administration by any other means, you agree that the Website Administration can use it for the following purposes: collection, storing, using, deleting the data for replying the questions, applications, letters sent through the Website, providing you the information about goods and services, discounts and advertising campaigns or for any other purpose that the transmission of the personal data to the Website Administration was intended for.

By registering on the website you agree to receive emails, SMS messages, informational and advertising calls to the email addresses and phone numbers that were specified during the registration.

The Website Administration has a right to send advertising, news and technical messages to the User if he agrees to receive this type of messages.

User can cancel the subscription at any time by clicking the Cancel subscription link in the bottom of the message. User has a right to reject receiving advertising and other information without explaining the reasons by informing the Website Administration about his rejection by calling +7 (499) 755-65-55.

The Website usage involves collecting a variety of technical data including IP address, cookies, browser history, etc. “Cookies” are a small amount of data sent by the Website that your browser saves on your hard drive; for example, the information about the webpages you visited and third-party websites that led you to the Website. You can set up your browser so it doesn’t save cookies. The Website Administration doesn’t share the confidential information with anyone and takes all possible measures to protect data from unauthorized access, modification, disclosure or removal. Confidential information is stored on the organization’s personal server. The company’s address is 121165, Moscow oblast, Moscow, Kutuzovsky prospekt, 35, 2nd floor. Client service email address: info@atlaszdorov.ru